My Story

Hello everyone! My name is Crystal. I first heard of Scentsy when a friend invited me to a home party 6 years ago. I was sceptical and hesitant but went anyway. I am glad I did. I fell in love with the whole concept. As a monther of 3 I did not light candles and I LOVED my candles! This was a much safer alternative for my family.  I wound up getting a warmer, a plug in, 3 Buddies and too many bars to count. I used them religiously. Then life happened. I moved cross country twice in 7 months, had a falling out with my friend, and had all my bulbs burn out. I stopped using the products I loved. Everything else I tried never quite hit the mark. A year later I decided I would hunt for a new consultant. I found a friend and placed an order. When I got everything in the mail I fell in love all over again. I started thinking I should start selling. I had two main reasons. 1. To help with my haabit, and 2. To help others discover how amazing the product is for them selves. 5 years later I finally took the plunge and here we are! So please, let me help you find something you love! Or, if you need more bulbs, let me get those for you so you can fall in love all over again,